Apache HelicoptorA sample reaction to DestroyMail 1.0 from some of our friends:

"Hahaha, that’s awesome! A grenade launcher blasting an email away. Now that you’ve built this funny app, are you thinking about making others?"

Ummm, no. DestroyMail has only just begun. It is the tip of an iceberg that we believe will be the future of email: A full entertainment and information platform at your fingertips. Nobody has ever brought enjoyment to email. We all know we need email every day, but we also know it kind of sucks. With Destroymail, we intend to change all that.

Today is the end of email as we know it: DestroyMail 1.1 has launched in the App Store. The classic Weapons Pack is of course still there, so you can continue to obliterate messages with your grenade launcher, flamethrower, and the like. But we’ve added two full new packs that begin a growing collection of animations that transform email from boring to awesome:

  • The Reboco & Churrasco Pack: Playful characters whose various antics destroy your messages.
  • The Airstrike Pack: A series of hi-def animations, including the Apache Helicopter and F-16, for maximum firepower on your inbox.

Oh, and they are all FREE for a limited time — yes, all of them. That’s especially nice because you can now simply shake your phone to shuffle through a variety of animations to destroy messages.

Welcome to the future of email.

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