DestroyMail does a lot of things that other email apps don’t do. It puts smiles on faces, it creates cathartic satisfaction and most importantly it takes a mundane experience and makes it fun. All of these feelings are made real by the work of our amazing team of animators. Spanning 4 countries, our animators are the ones who make DestroyMail the living, breathing, entertaining experience that it is. Some of them specialize in 3D work (e.g., Air Strike pack) and others, like this post’s featured animator Nate Allen, are brilliant at 2D character driven animations. We thought you might like to see the all that goes into the evolution of a DestroyMail animation pack from idea to product. In this animator spotlight, we look at the work done by Nate on Grout Ninja, our beloved, mustachioed inbox killer.

Create a Concept – Original sketches that transfer Nate’s imagination onto paper grout-creation-sketch grout-creation-sketch-to-illus

Take Grout from Analog to Digital with Adobe Illustrator


Animate the Still Image with Adobe After Effects


Bring the Animation into the World of DestroyMail


Produce and Sync Sound (by Dhruva, our COO)

It’s Alive! Say Hello to Grout Ninja’s Katana Ambush  Hopefully this gives you a sense of some of the creative process behind our app.  We’ll be featuring other animators soon. Thanks to Nate for the great work!


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