Today we release version 2.0 of DestroyMail. We couldn’t be more excited to share all of the work and thinking that the DestroyMail team has put into this release.

Over the past few months, we’ve been listening to our users to better understand what the optimal DestroyMail experience should be. And, two key ideas emerged again and again:

  1. Focus on the faster, simpler destroy method
    Swipe right. No destroy button, no extra action (we called these “Quick Destroys” in the previous versions, and they proved to be the favorite)
  2. Provide an alternative to destroy that is quick and silent
    Email from grandma? In a meeting at the office? Swipe left for a delete with no animation, sound, or vibration. And, don’t worry – it still counts towards your destroyed counter.

The other thing you’ll notice is more awesome animations, of course. The World Cup themed "Gooooooaaalll!" pack is a perfect way to kick email to the curb. We’ve also introduced Grout Ninja: strike your inbox in a flash with a moustache.

Penalty Kick Victory
Fierce Header
Katana Ambush
Smoke Screen

Thank you to all of our users who have made version 2.0 a reality. Your feedback and ideas have strengthened this version. And, your enthusiasm and joy make us excited to get to work on the next version.

Our goal at DestroyMail is to change email forever. We’ve only just begun.

Co-Founder & CEO

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