“How is the app doing?” — everyone

At times, I found myself struggling to articulate a response to this seemingly basic question because DestroyMail isn’t exactly at the level of an app like Snapchat (…yet). But we’ve seen some truly inspiring validation already: search for “DestroyMail” on Twitter and you’ll see it yourself.

Aria Loves DestroyMailI realized how young DestroyMail really is. Just days before launch, one of our founders had his first child — a beautiful baby girl named Aria (cheers to Pete & Liza). Several close friends have had their first child this past year as well, and while I’m not yet a parent, I watched as they all shared the same basic metric of success at birth: health of the baby (and the mother).

For the first month, the majority of time is dedicated to caring for that child to nurture its health, while still being excited by the most simple of milestones. People don’t ask if the baby is a doctor or a lawyer in month one (though that could be a great way to stem oversharing on Facebook).

Our app was conceived and built over nine months. And it is now a healthy one-month-old baby. But, please don’t misunderstand — I’m not trying to suggest that these things (a baby and an app) are of the same order; they are not. A baby can’t be used 50,000 times to destroy over 27,000 emails in a month. They need naps and stuff. (On the flip side, as Pete reminded us, an app can’t destroy 216 diapers in 5 weeks.)

We’ve got some amazing new content coming next month including the insane Apache Helicopter and playful pals Reboco & Churrasco. We’re also working on the most-requested mail features, as well as some surprises.

Thank you to everyone who has supported DestroyMail — it’s been an amazing first month.

Co-Founder & CEO

2 Responses to “Our First Month in the App Store”

  1. Jamie Petersen

    I love this app. I download it and use it everyday to rid myself of frivilous emails with force daily! It’s built well, the interface is very easy to use, and the additional weapons you can download are “the bomb” no pun intended. Now back to destroying completed projects! Nice work guys!

  2. Chris Carson

    Congrats on the cool app. Love this pic of Aria!


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