Just over one year ago, we unleashed DestroyMail. Over 150,000 emails were destroyed by users all over the world. The reactions to the app were amazing to see on Twitter, in the App Store, and most of all in person. We even got featured on Yahoo! Tech’s Front page of stories right along side a feature on Facebook’s Paper application.

Featured in Yahoo! Tech

We were gearing up to take DestroyMail to investors so that we could continue to build out what had been a bootstrapped application among four friends to that point. And yet, even as we were lining up investors and rehearsing our pitch in front of advisors, there was a feeling of uncertainty that we couldn’t shake.

Why did we have 10,000 downloads but not 100,000? People loved the app, but we weren’t creating a sea change. What was it about the app that wasn’t allowing it to become your default email client? And, perhaps in a broader sense — why was it the case that NONE of the four founders focused on creating a better email application had adopted any of the email apps that had come out in recent months?

The four of us obsess over email like no one we know. We didn’t set out to become entrepreneurs — we set out to fix email. But, we didn’t use Mailbox, or Boxer, or Acompli, or the dozen other amazing email apps that came out last year. We all used iOS Mail. It wasn’t necessarily better, but ultimately it was familiar, it felt integrated with our device, and it was extremely reliable.

If we could have integrated DestroyMail directly into iOS Mail, of course we would have done that. And, we’re hopeful that may be possible in the future as iOS continues to become more open. But, in the meantime, how can we change email forever without making users change email apps?

This is what we’re working on now, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

David, Dhruva, Michael & Peter (D2MP)

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